Please see below a list of frequent questions.

1 – How do I access the platform?

On the main menu, click/tap on My Account – Member Login or you can click/tap here:

2 – What’s a ‘token’ and why isn’t it working?

Token is a code used to secure your account and make sure no one can access it. All your information is encrypted in our system, so even if we get hacked, no one will be able to access your data.
If your token is not working is because it expired or you requested a new password and forgot about it.  Every time you click/tap on “Forgot Password” the system creates a new token. We advise you to delete all previous emails (so there is no confusion), then click/tap on “Forgot Password” and follow the instructions you will receive via email.

3 – How do I reset my password?

You have to visit then click on “Forgot Password” and follow the instructions we sent to your email.
See image below

4 – How does the platform work?

Watch this quick video to see how the platform works.


5 – I received an email with the subject “High Profile Club – List of matches” – what do I do?

You will receive 2 emails a day: 11am and 3pm. These emails have a short summary of the new features available which are a good match to your profile. See below an example of what the email looks like. At the moment you can’t change the settings of how many emails you receive a day. It’s either 2 a day or none. We’re working on the dashboard so you can choose how many emails you get a day.


If you have questions or wish to send us ideas to add to the platform, please click/touch here.


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