‘Pitching yourself, blind’

Last week we had our monthly social event ‘entrepreneurs get together’ at the IoD.


by Rebecca Lee on July 5th

On Friday (27th) we had our monthly HIGH PROFILE CLUB SOCIAL ‘entrepreneurs get together’. This event happens on the last Friday of every month. The event always kicks off with the founder Rafael, introducing HIGH PROFILE CLUB.

Recently Rafael has been very fond of his statement that new members join us as ‘owls’ and we will turn them into ‘peacocks’. Following this, Rafael always starts a networking activity. Last week the activity was ‘pitching yourself, blind’’. Of course we didn’t actually blind guests – we kindly used blindfolds on this occasion!!


Blindfold Success

Featured: Guests getting stuck in with the networking activity ‘Pitching yourself, blind’.

We spoke to guests after the networking activity was over and 100% of them said it was incredibly helpful, that they would make sure they’re at another one of our social events and that they would refer a friend!
This is everything we are all about at HIGH PROFILE CLUB; creating great opportunities for clients to facilitate their individual growth and of their network and ours!

We are always looking to help guest develop and learn new skills; convincing them to refer a friend is just an extra bonus!

Indian dance performance

One of our members, Preet kindly agreed to gave us a snippet of her cultural dance moves. Preet Dev is a spiritual Mentor and Entrepreneur who has been living in London for the last 17 years. Preet is an advocate of clean, stress free, toxin free living. It was gratifying to see the room light up in awe of Preet’s performance.

Guests from all over the world!

This month our social event sold out way before the event day and now we know why. We are attracting guests from all over the world! Standing next to Rafael (the founder) is an American gent (left) and a Spanish gent (right). This really boosted the moral for the evening, on top of the very loud voices of everyone trying to understand each other’s accents!

We welcome everyone and anyone to all of our events and it is so fulfilling to see such a diverse range of ethnicities and cultures getting involved. Networking with people from other parts of the world is never a bad experience!


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