"HIGH PROFILE CLUB has offered me many opportunities to develop myself and my business in ways I had not even imagined. A very supportive environment to learn and share. I have had speaking gigs, articles in CEO Today Magazine and in Forbes, those sorts of contacts and possibilities are priceless. Learning to shine and be happy in the limelight (very different to 6 months ago) has brought me and my business into a new era."

Linda S.

"Without HIGH PROFILE CLUB we would still be unknown. Our new platform Women On the Web would be just an idea. Rafael and the team are just awesome. They give us media opportunities every day. They give us events to connect and network. They may us more VISIBLE so more CREDIBLE and, ultimately more INFLUENTIAL... I LOVE THEM!"

We Get Digital.

"I engaged Rafael and his lovely team a few months ago - with trepidation, being a PR Company! BUT I love what they are doing and how they are doing it. I have found the whole process enjoyable and they are all a pleasure to work with. Oh, and they are getting us loads of good PR!! When you hear about win-win situations, I guess this epitomizes it."

William R.

"Rafael is an incredible personality and a fantastic presenter. He has the perfect ingredients and recipe to deliver a TEDx talk. What's truly inspirational is that he's more than happy to share these wonderful secrets to help you deliver yours. I would thoroughly recommend the evening with the High Profile Club to discover what the team here can do to help you achieve your true potential."

Reshma R.

"I attended the event on how to do a good radio and TV interview and it was fantastic! Very interactive and I even got to do a live mock interview in front of everyone! I received valuable feedback and got actionable content that I can implement today! Thank you!"

Rochelle O.

"This is probably the best networking you could ever do with the PR fusion - in this day and age it's not good enough to just have a website and social media presence. You need to be out there, in the press, in the media, making people take notice of you and your skills. This is what High Profile Club is all about. Do yourself and your business and favour and join!"

Carol V.


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